Email Marketing for Small & Local Businesses

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Email Marketing for Small & Local Businesses

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Email marketing is a powerful tool that can help you customize your approach to your customers. Through targeted emails, you can attract clients to your company website and encourage them to browse your products or services. If you run a small or local business, email marketing may help you attract new clients without using your entire marketing budget.

Low Cost

Email marketing is an affordable tool to advertise your company website. If your business is just starting, this tool can help you keep marketing costs down. Traditional print advertisements cost money to create and mail. Television and radio ads might cost more than you can afford. If you’re already paying for a hosting package for your website, you’ll be able to send emails at no additional cost. By focusing on email marketing, you’ll also help the environment by reducing paper waste in your local community.

Easy to Customize

Even if you have hundreds of email addresses in your database, you can quickly customize your emails to fit each client. With the right template, you can even personalize the email to address each customer by name. In addition, you can change the email message to suit the interests of each individual client. For example, if you know that a client loves a particular brand of soap that you sell, make sure that her weekly email includes the latest deals on her favorite brand. If you spend extra time creating these custom emails, your customers will be more likely to visit your site.

Wide Audience

Although the use of social networks has grown recently, Internet users still depend on their email accounts for a variety of uses, including personal and professional interactions. Few people who use the Internet frequently do not already have an email address. By simply including a form on your website, you’ll quickly generate a list of email addresses from people who want to know more about your company.

Track Data

With email advertisements, you can learn important data about your clients. Each time a customer clicks on a link back to your website, you’ll be able to track this action. This information can help you determine the most popular pages on your website. Without even receiving a single reply from a customer, you’ll learn which sections of your website you should emphasize.


Quality email marketing lets you start a conversation with your customers. Through interactive features, including flash graphics and polling, you can encourage your clients to learn more about your company. You can also use your emails to advertise special features on your website to encourage more visits.

Instant Updates

Unlike print marketing, you can change an email seconds before you send the email. This feature helps you avoid small but embarrassing errors in your ads. You can also take advantage of this feature by including last-minute deals and sales with each email you send out. If you need to advertise a sale quickly, your email list will help you instantly notify your customers. Your website may see a sudden traffic surge after sending out a new email to your clients.

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