Link Integrity

Every campaign starts with a Google Webmaster Tools check-up.
This helps us to understand how Google see’s your website and whether there is a problem with your site or sites linking to it.

If your site DOES NOT have a  penalty, we’ll monitor your Webmaster account and link activity daily.
If your site DOES have a manual penalty for Unnatural Links, our process for recovery is below:

  1. We will run a complete link analysis using 19 different link research tools to determine exactly how many links you have and which ones need to go.
  2. Once we have an understanding of which links need to go, we’ll contact webmasters of the toxic sites linking back to you up to three times before sending the link to Google’s Disavow Tool.
  3. After taking every possible step to cleanup all of your toxic links, we’ll submit a reconsideration request to Google for reinstatement into their search results after the manual penalty is revoked.

With a clean link profile, your website will be in position to be ranked at the top of Google, Yahoo & Bing!

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