Pay Per Click Management

The pay-per-click (PPC) approach to marketing has been around for over a decade, but just as the internet has grown by leaps and bounds, PPC advertising is constantly changing. While PPC forms and important part of any internet marketing strategy, it is important to use it effectively and in conjunction with other forms of online advertising.

Put simply, PPC is an advertising model in which you pay for an advertisement only when someone clicks on it. Creating a powerful PPC ad is an excellent way to increase brand awareness and draw traffic to your site. However, there are several key factors in maximizing the ROI on your PPC campaign:

Cost Per Click (CPC): This is the amount you pay each time someone clicks on your advertisement. SEO Company can help you achieve a lower CPC by doing an in-depth search query report, analyzing your market, and removing any underperforming keywords. Impression Share based Bid management decreases the cost per click and increased the amount of clicks.

Click Through Rate (CTR): The CTR for a PPC ad is the number of times web users click on your advertisement. An ad needs to be well-written and geared towards your industry and your target market in order to achieve the best CTR.

Conversion Rate: Turning visitors into customers is the goal of any PPC campaign. Once they've clicked on your ad, your site, and especially your landing page, needs to be optimized in a way that encourages visitors to act, whether by picking up the phone and making an appointment, subscribing to a newsletter or purchasing a product. Your PPC campaign should integrate with a broader marketing approach to offer your visitors a cohesive, positive experience.

With SEO Company, you can create a PPC campaign that suits your needs. Whether you just want us to set up a PPC campaign that you'll manage yourself, or want to take advantage of our powerful suite of PPC services, we'll help you develop a PPC strategy that works. See the table below for the PPC services we provide:

Services Offered

PPC Setup

PPC campaigns are a fast way to gain visibility in top search engines. And even beyond generating site traffic, your PPC ads should help convert visitors to paying customers by qualifying the traffic.
If you do decide to handle your own PPC campaigns, NetSuccessUSA can help you get started. Our setup package includes everything you need so you can take over easily:

  • Keyword research
  • Enter title and description for keyword phrases (up to 20 phrases)
  • Initial bids entered in either Yahoo or Google

Included in our setup is up to $325 in Pay Per Click Credits for all new PPC Accounts.

PPC Maintenance

Cost: $600 minimum per month or 10% of PPC spend whichever is greater

In the winning combination, PPC advertising and natural ranking bring qualified traffic to your website, at minimum cost. We work to find the optimal combination for your business. NetSuccessUSA provides PPC management services integrated with your search engine optimization strategy to help you improve the quality of traffic and conversions on your site.

  • Keyword research
  • Title and description copywriting
  • Bid management
  • ROI tracking and reporting

PPC expansion (Yahoo, msn)

Many of your competitors focus mostly on Google. This increases the pricing of the clicks, and decreases your conversions – as people do more window shopping, and not as much purchasing / calling.

Yahoo and Microsoft together get about 40% of the traffic that Google does, but often convert better then Google at lower costs per click. NetSuccessUSA provides integrated bid management and reporting on all the search engines that you advertise on, allowing you to easily see what your spend and ROI is.

Local Search

(Included in Monthly Management Program)

NetSuccessUSA will submit your business to Google Maps, Yahoo Local and MSN Local

This affordable website promotion package includes submitting a description for your business, contact information and using keywords that customers will use the search engines to find your type of service within your community

Call tracking by keyword

Up until now, it's been very hard to track which keywords generate the phone calls. With this service, you will be able to track calls back to their source, and increase the total amount of calls coming in.

Please be aware that you will need a web designer to implement the tracking. We do offer the service at an extra cost.

Video spokesperson

Having video on your website has proven to engage customers much more, and increase performance by as much as 300%.

Landing page design

Landing pages are a valuable component of any PPC campaign. Standard Best Practices are to create a Landing Page for your competitor. This gives you an edge on your competition. Our talented Conversion Booster team will create a custom page for your Pay Per Click campaign.

Our landing pages are designed to capture the visitor attention with an attractive CALL TO ACTION statement formulated to encourage the visitor to take the desired action.

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