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The first digital marketing process should be a website audit. It helps professional digital marketing agencies identify discrepancies on the website and tackle them before starting any marketing task. It also helps to discover issues that may be cause penalties from a search engine and reduce rankings.

However, not every individual is familiar with the website audit and how it works. And that's why we've made this guide to provide newbies with the basic knowledge about website audits.

What is a website audit?

A website audit is a complete examination and analysis of the factors affecting the website's projection on search engines. The purpose of a website audit is mainly for digital marketing. A website audit helps your brand and digital marketer know which campaigns worth leveraging on and the ones to let go if it affects your web's performances.

A website audit can also be done before extensive Search Engine Optimization or the website's redesign. An audit helps you to optimize your website, boost traffic, and increase sales.

How does our free website audit work?

Problems such as duplicate pages, broken links, slow speed, and others can prevent your website from getting the traffic it needs, thereby affecting sales and conversion, which is why a periodic website audit is also critical. The first step to identifying and sort website issues is an audit to determine the exact problem.

The first step in our free website audit is to get an audit tool. Our website audit tools have a long-standing history of providing thorough, detailed, and comprehensive auditing. The audit tool helps to locate the problems that affect the website and how it can be sorted.

Next, we'll run your website URL through our audit tool, and a report is then generated, showing a list of the technical issues. Audit tools also work to analyze websites for SEO quality and check your website's SEO for complications.

After completing the audit and a comprehensive list of your website issues has been generated, you can go ahead to correct them yourself or contact an SEO expert to help you do a thorough job.

Benefits of a website audit

  • It helps to identify and prevent potential security breaches.
  • It helps to improve ranking on search engines, thereby increases traffic and website engagements.
  • It opens doors to more excellent opportunities for online growth.
  • It is an essential factor in improving the visibility and standard of a website.
  • It helps to connect with the best SEO agencies to keep up with best practices.

It enables the SEOs for your website to work better to increase traffic to your website using organic search results.

Why choose us for your site audit?

Digital marketing falls between the most effective and many ways to increase sales and drive traffic to your website. However, to get started, the first thing to do is a comprehensive website audit. A website audit painstakingly goes to the website to find all problems. And these problems are immediately sorted so that online marketing campaigns and strategies can yield results.

Are you in search of the best SEO agency, or where to get a site audit? Our firm is a top-of-the-line digital marketing firm that boasts experienced and skilled professionals ready to help you tackle whatever difficulties you might have. Our free audit is done using the best tool and identifies every complication with your website right before marketing strategies begin.

Contact Cloud Converters for a free website audit and consultation: 1 833 202-568.

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