Gaming Sponsorships

Gaming sponsorships are the marketing strategy that can bring a gaming company on the brink of success. Simultaneously, it is a potential lifeline to any gaming streamer, hoping to become popular. At Clout Boost, we make both of these dreams come true by bringing both streamer and gaming brands together in a partnership.

How can I make money from gaming?

Build a YouTube or a Twitch audience base, and get an income based on the views your videos make. If you’re already a medium-size streamer with a substantial subscription base, the next phase is to look for a sponsor. Even the likes of Ninja and PewDiePie found sponsors that pay them to promote certain games or services. They accepted the deals and made money while doing so.

If you’re interested in such a prospect, then you’ll be glad to know that we can help you find the ideal sponsor for your channel. We’ve helped many gaming streamers expand their channel’s reach, grow their income, and develop their popularity. Essentially, we use our algorithms to search through thousands of business and gaming brands and to find the one most suitable for your channel. Then, we negotiate a deal between you and them.

Efficient influencer marketing campaigns

You must have heard of influencer campaigns and how they uplifted gaming brands from the verge of bankruptcy. It can happen, and if your game doesn’t get the recognition it deserves, this can change with a well-targeted influencer campaign. We’ll find the right streamer to promote your game, and the situation will change instantly.

Considering how large some streamers’ audiences are, the chances that some of them will decide to buy your game are high. Through the gaming sponsorships that we can establish, your gaming brand will leave the competition in the dust, and ascend to popularity.

Essential data about competitors

Through our services, you will gain access to accurate and real-time information about your competitor’s marketing standing. Moreover, we will offer valuable data about their campaigns, their potential, and ways to counter their advance. We believe that intelligent influencer marketing gives immense marketing potential to game developers.

A well-defined and predictive campaign revolving around a popular gaming streamer can bring your brand to the attention of millions of people. We guarantee that many of those millions of subscribers will decide to try your game or product for themselves. This is what we did with the online shooter, War Robots, for instance.

How can games benefit from sponsorship?

Gaming sponsorships bear a great influence on the popularity or downfall of certain games. This is to say that gaming streamers have an insurmountable influence on the marketing potential of games, through their subscriber base. When one of our clients, Pixonic, tasked us with establishing an influencer campaign for the game War Robots, we accepted.

At the end of the campaign, ShoddyCast, the streamer we’d selected, raised 260K views through the promotion gaming video. The tracking links had a 3.9% CTR (click-through rate). Cases such as this are the perfect example of what we, at Clout Boost, can achieve with influencer campaigns.