You’re busy running your business. We get it. But blogging is a great way to engage with customers, drive traffic to your site and increase sales without taking up too much time. It can also be an effective tool for generating leads and building trust with potential clients. So if you want more people to find out about what you do or are looking for new ways to grow your business, then blogging might just be the answer!

Here are 5 reasons why small businesses should consider starting a blog today…

1) Blogging helps establish authority in your industry

If you have something valuable that other people want, they will come to you instead of going elsewhere. This is especially true when it comes to search engine rankings because Google looks at how many links point back towards a website as one of the factors that determine where it appears on their results pages (also known as “search engine optimization”). The more relevant links there are pointing back towards your site from high-quality sources like blogs, news sites and forums; the higher up on Google’s results page you will appear which means more traffic coming through their search engines!

2) Blogging gives readers another reason to visit your website

One of the best things about having a blog is that not only does it help bring visitors directly onto your site but by regularly publishing content related specifically around topics that interest them; readers will keep coming back time and time again.

In addition to bringing people's eyes to your site, it allows you to tell your story, demonstrate your expertise in your field and establish yourself or your business as an expert in the eyes of consumers. If you do this effectively it enables people who are interested in what you have to say to connect with you better which can result in more engagement.

3) Blog posts can be indexed very quickly by Google

If you have a new post published on your blog and it is relevant to a search term that a lot of people use, chances are that within hours, the page from that post will start appearing in the results pages of Google when they crawl the web. This will help with getting traffic from organic search results, which means that it won’t cost you anything!

The people who use this sort of SEO know that the sooner you get a page ranking for a search term, the more traffic you can get. It's also important to realize that if you drive traffic from Google, not only will it help boost your rankings but it will also add credibility to your brand. And, if you can do this for a number of relevant keywords, your site will be earning visitors for free from Google.

4) Blog posts show Google (and other search engines) how popular you are

One of the factors Google looks at when determining how much authority it should give your website is by considering things like; how many links there are pointing towards it, what reasoning outside websites have for linking to yours and the speed at which they visit your site. Blogging can help you get all of these things in place, helping Google to determine how authoritative your site is and this will influence the amount of traffic you get.

Simply put, Google like blogs. This means that if you run a blog for your business, Google will be more likely to rank it higher than another website with no fresh content or one that hasn't been touched in years.

5) Blog posts are great for sharing on social media

A well written blog post combined with a stylish infographic or two can be an extremely effective way to share information online which makes them a great tool for getting your content in front of a new audience. As well as this, studies have shown that articles with accompanying media are much more likely to be shared on social networks which can result in them going viral and increasing your exposure even further.

And, by promoting your blog posts on social media you are bringing traffic back to your site where it can convert into sales or leads. If you can get people sharing your content on Twitter and Facebook (and other platforms) then they will be telling their friends about it which helps to build trust in your brand.

The bottom line is that blogging for business is an extremely powerful tool that every business should harness because of all the benefits that come with it; but if there's one thing we hope this article has shown you is just how beneficial doing so can be.

So why is blogging a great idea for small businesses?

Having a blog is a great idea for companies that are looking to establish themselves as an authority within their industry or would simply like to get more eyes on their website. It’s a fantastic way of not only generating traffic and boosting SEO but by regularly publishing content around topics related to your business, it can also help keep customers coming back again and again which can be essential for generating repeat business.

Small businesses that are looking to create a blog needn't worry too much about the technical side of things because there are lots of free and paid blogging platforms out there. The key is simply finding the time and motivation to keep it updated with fresh, relevant content.

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