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For the best 2019 SEO in Westlake Village, it goes without saying that you need the best Westlake Village SEO firm. Understanding how SEO in 2019 is different from SEO in 2018 and before that is essential for an SEO firm in Westlake Village to call themselves the best. Net Success USA would like to present you with the clean SEO strategy for 2019, and you can decide for yourself if our model would be the best fit for your SEO needs.

SEO 2019

SEO in 2019 is all about giving an answer or satisfying a search query. It's about answering the question at hand, thinking about the next question and the question after that, and answering them too. To simplify the definition more, great SEO is about excellent user experience. First, let's look at the things that give search engine users bad experiences (Please note that examples and information given are for the Google search engine):

  • Malware on your website
  • No SSL certificate
  • Difficult site navigation
  • Site not mobile-friendly
  • Excessive broken links
  • Copyright/plagiarism issues
  • Over-monetization
  • Slow loading Web pages
  • Have Patients with Your SEO
  • Not having an About page on your website

Be Patient Because SEO Takes Time

A reliable Westlake Village SEO firm will be honest with you that seeing meaningful results from an SEO campaign takes time. If you want an immediate boost in the rankings without manipulating search engine algorithms, consider adding PPC to your SEO campaign. SEO has a 3-step climbing process as follows:

Step 1: When you post your content
Search engines will immediately rank your content based on a number of factors.

Step 2: 13 weeks
13 weeks after you post your content, an adjustment will take place, and your content will either rise or fall from your initial ranking assignation.

Step 3: 35 weeks
35 weeks from the time you post your content, Google will assign it its final and permanent ranking.

Note, both algorithms and humans are responsible for ranking content on Google. As you see, it takes 35 weeks (the better part of a year) from the time you post your content for it to reach its final placement in the search engine rankings. This is to make it harder for people to game SEO.

What Can I Do to Succeed in My SEO Endeavors?

Remember, great SEO is all about user experience. Period. Keep that in mind from every element on your Web pages to every piece of content you create. Make sure you are real. In other words, do or be what you sell. People can tell if you don't live the life you try to present or if you don't know what you're talking about.

Think of your content as a resource to help people solve a problem or fill a need. Create a resource designed to be shared on digital media. Don't focus as much on backlinks and social media as you doon just creating great content. Do some outreach, but only do a very limited amount of it. If your content is great, people will link to it and share it on social media automatically. Also, use guest posts to establish your reputation, not to build links.

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