Westlake Village SEO firmGoogle Webmaster Guidelines provide the rules on how websites can be optimized so that they can be organically found and ranked. Using shortcuts or approaches for SEO ranking that go against Google's guidelines means you're engaging in black hat SEO. If Google realizes that your website is using black hat SEO tactics, they'll penalize your site. Google can lower your website rating score or, even worse, delist it.

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Black Hat SEO Tactics to Avoid

To attain long-term visibility on search engine result pages or SERPs and build trust with your target audience, you should follow ethical SEO practices and avoid these black hat SEO techniques:

Creating Low-Quality Content

Google loves to rank websites with high-quality content. But since great content isn't cheap or easy to curate, black hat marketers, attempt to beat the system by producing cheap, low-quality content. An example of bad content is paraphrasing an existing article by a computer or writer. This type of content doesn't provide any value to readers.

Keyword Stuffing

This is the process of stuffing web pages with keywords in order to trick Google into thinking the keywords are important to the search. Usually, these keywords are not related to the content of the site. Stuffing keywords not only lowers the user interface it can also ruin your website rating. Your page could be using keyword stuffing if the keyword density percentage is quite high, which goes against Google's guidelines.


This is a practice used to dupe Google's web crawler into ranking content for a particular search term that isn't connected to the context of a webpage. Cloaking displays one piece of content to Google and a totally different one to users. Often, Google permanently blocks websites from being indexed once it detects cloaking.

Using False Redirects

Misleading redirects are used to fool Google and consumers. A redirect link is created to lead Google and users to low-quality web pages to try and increase the search rankings of the poor quality pages.

Spamming Comments

To try and gain links back to their site, a black hat SEO marketer floods blog posts with comments and links back to their website. Google's algorithm is now able to filter out and discredit links set up by bots or spam.

Buying Backlinks

Getting many authoritative sites to link to your website will boost your search rankings. Rather than creating value-adding content that delivers links automatically, black hat marketers pay sites to link to their website. However, quality backlinks are earned, not bought. Google overlooks links generated by paid guest posts and sponsored content.

Best SEO Services

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