<a  target=los angeles web marketing company" />Currently, the digital space has at least 170 million users on social media alone. The Internet has been a revolutionary force, which forced businesses to shift their business approaches and small startups to see significant growth through the screen. The widespread use and knowledge of the Internet prompts society to wonder when digital marketing made its debut. This growth also launched and revolutionized a myriad of firms specialized in web marketing.

The 80s

Digital marketing is not a new-age concept that cropped up in the recent millenniums. The roots of this online craft began in the early 80s with the invention of the Internet. The mass adoption of the World Wide Web made it possible for businesses to find a way to market their business.

The number of Internet users skyrocketed from two million to seventy million after the launch of the first browser, Netscape. Database marketing then saw significant growth with the expansion of online storage spaces. Business owners accepted the value of internet marketing and abandoned traditional means such as list brokers.

The 90s

The CRM software exploded in the 90s when users businesses integrated it to manage interactions with past and future customers. A feature known as Sales Force Automation managed and tracked inventory and customer information.

The software gained increased fame when more prominent companies such as Oracle and Baan utilized their services for business expansion. The crowded platform led to a higher number of internet vendors and buyers. This setup ultimately led to the inevitable competition between vendors and the creation of software solutions t harness the power of the web.

The 2000s

Digital behavior took a dramatic and positive turn with the invention of the dot com. Software developers studied the algorithm between search results and website content. Marketers soon found themselves in unchartered territories with competition from equally equipped players.

Internet marketing companies had instant significance after the early millennium, with inventions such as search engine optimization. Fast-growing companies such as Net Success saw rapid growth across the world. The Los Angeles web marketing company has a steady and positive reputation online as well as in enviros such as Utah.

What will you get from Net Success?

  • The firm gives clients clear instructions on the installation and use of this software. We will guide you on how to view and work with this tool on all browsing platforms and website types.
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  • Updated technology ensures that clients receive services with updated keywords and technology such as Penguin. Additionally, our programmers use the highest coding standards to ensure that the target websites have a better ranking on Internet searches.


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