Hiring a team to help with your SEO needs can make or break any company. After all, quality SEO can get you on the path to bringing in more customers that may translate into revenue. On the flip side, poor-quality SEO could end up crippling any of the search traffic you are already getting. This is why it is important to choose your Calabasas SEO company carefully.

Know The Questions To Ask

When it is time to think about hiring an SEO company, there are several questions to keep in mind to help you make the best choice. These questions should be asked before hiring anyone so you know what to expect. While you do not need to ask all of these questions, it will give you a rough idea of some good points to cover.

What SEO Help Do You Need?

Before getting to the questions, you may want to brush up on the various types of SEO so that you are well-informed:

  • SEO agencies/companies - These companies have SEO teams and standardized processes they follow for the most part.
  • Individualized SEO consultant - These are freelance SEO services.
  • In-house SEO - If you have a large or rapidly growing business, hiring an in-house team that remains on staff makes sense.

Time for the questions:

  1. How can you improve our search rankings?
    Without a decent strategy, you will never get results with any Calabasas SEO company. Get a feel for how they may approach things like backlinks and bringing in traffic with White Hat methods.
  2. Will you be keeping us informed on any website changes you make?
    Good SEO teams will send regular reports, but they will also be telling you all about anything that gets changed on your website. Changes must be tracked, and you need notification. Otherwise, that is a red flag.
  3. Can you give information on some past clients and the results they received?
    It is important to remember that looking for an SEO company is no different from shopping around for other goods and services. You want to know what you can about other clients and their experiences to have insight into what you can expect. A good tip is to ask the SEO company about the longest client they have had and see if you can get references.
  4. Will you be following along with Google's guidelines and best practices?
    Google is constantly putting out new algorithm updates, so you want a team that will follow up and stays consistent. Not only that, but the guidelines are there to help keep your website in good standings so that you do not get violations that could harm your rankings.

Is it time for you to make some changes to your SEO? Would you like to learn more about getting the best for your website to get real results? If so, then hiring a trusted Calabasas SEO company is the right way to go, and we are here to help at Net Success USA. Get a free SEO audit or call our team for more information at (800) 736-0081.

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