Here in Westlake Village, We take pride in our knowledge of search engine optimization. (SEO) It is our duty as an SEO firm to share our wealth of that knowledge with our readers. Anybody who has worked on a website knows that SEO is Google WebCrawler language. One of our favorite quotes of all time is "Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat its mistakes" If you have not learned from years past, now is the time to learn how to speak to Google and other search engines in the SEO language.
SEO is short for “search engine optimization.” Some have mastered the language, beautifully, while others are still at square one. Let us be perfectly clear, if you do not follow the SEO rules, you will never rank high in Google search results. In this article, we will discuss the ABC’s and 123’s of SEO
Get a Blog
If you own a website, eventually you will have to start a blog. If you do not have one, now is the best time to start one. A blog, such as the one you are reading from now, is how you educate your readers on certain topics that interest them. Even if you own an online store, a blog will set your website higher in the search engine rankings.
Additionally, Google likes your site to have fresh, unique content for their WebCrawler’s to search through. In order to have fresh content, you have to create a new blog post, preferably, once per day. However, some website owners can get away with one per week. Though fresh content daily will rank you higher on Google and Alexa. Here at Net Success, as a Westlake Village SEO firm, if you need help getting started, contact us and let us know your ideas.
Crawlable, accessible URLs
Now that you have started a blog, you want to link to your pages and relevant blog posts. When you add clear URL’s, Google and other search engines will crawl then as well. For example, if we wanted to link to one of our other blog posts, we would link to the post to let you know how to brand your way to rankings.
Clear, accessible URL’s also help your customers and readers to navigate flawlessly from page to page and post to post. We have all visited a website where we click a link and it either goes somewhere unexpected, or the link is broken. Both instances are reason enough for the user to find somewhere else to get information. If you have are in doubt of your links, we offer free SEO audits.
Keyword research
Good keywords are the life of your blog. Your keywords have to mirror your content. There are websites that offer free keyword generators, but it is best for you to come up with your own. Google uses keywords to direct people to your website. If you do not research the trending keywords, your site may get left behind altogether.
You defiantly don’t want that. That could be a potential customer. That customer just made a purchase on one of your competitor’s websites. Therefore, the keywords that we type into Google determine where Google and other search engines send us. Keyword research is imperative.
We hoped this post enlightened you as to how SEO works. It is not every day that a nugget like this just happens to you. You made it here due to the keywords you typed into Google. Google, in turn, brought you here. We look forward to assisting you however we can.

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