<a  target=seo company los angeles" />Every year the digital scene changes. In that sense, it is necessary to adapt the contents of the companies to keep them in the first positions of the SERPs. Proper positioning is essential since this is how you achieve visits, leads and, of course, conversions. 2020 is no exception, and it is vital that you know what the main trends in digital positioning are in the coming times.

Which is the Direction of SEO in 2020?

Zero-Click Searches

This modality began in 2019, and this year it will be maintained for Google users. The zero-click search is the one to which Google answers at the top of the results, without the need to access the links it displays. You must determine in your strategy, whether this format benefits your company. If it does, you must take full advantage of its boom by using and implementing the structured data correctly.

Localized Content for Local SEO

The local SEO algorithm is very different from traditional SEO. Greg Gifford said in Search Love that what may work in one city may not work in another. However, you should not neglect the three columns of local SEO for this 2020:

  1. Maximize profits by getting quality local links.
  2. Enrich Google My Business and Trip Advisor with user-generated feedback.
  3. Always keep your business data up to date in the Google My Business tab.

Value Data Extraction

After the most significant algorithm update in Google's history (BERT), the way to analyze keywords has changed. Exact keyword strategies have been left behind. Now, it is a clear commitment to semantic studies. BERT processes words within the context of a sentence, rather than word by word. This is why data analysis tools are needed to know what your users want. If you want the advice of the most amazing SEO company in Los Angeles contact us; at Net Success USA, we are ready to support you.

Use of Qualitative Data

The era of big data has allowed the collection of millions of data on user behavior. However, only your users will be able to tell you what they think and why they behave in a certain way on your website. By conducting qualitative research alongside quantitative research, you can gain insight into real human desires, barriers and confusion. You'll know what drives your customers to make their decisions and move through the conversion funnel.

Artificial Intelligence

Soon, algorithms and spiders will be a thing of the past. Google will use A.I. In that sense, the search engine will understand the intention of the keyword according to what the user is looking for. There are four main intentions for which an Internet user performs a SERP: informational, navigational, transactional and commercial research. Now the SEO experts must optimize by focusing on providing content an added value to the user according to the user's intentions.

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