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Who invented search engines?

In the last decade of the 20th century, a computer science student named Alan Emitage devised the first automated way to search and find information contained within McGill University databanks. Nicknamed 'Archie,' the program coded by Emitage sped up the formerly tedious process of manually locating things such as FTP files that were held in brick-and-mortar archives at the Canadian university. According to a Huffington Post interview with Emitage, he did not patent the process nor has he ever made a penny off his amazing invention. Today, Los Angeles search engine optimization helps people find your product or service faster that the first search engines could even imagine.

Who invented Google?

Google was the brainchild of American Larry Page and Russian-born Sergey Brin. The pair first encountered one another while students at Stanford University near San Francisco, California. The year was 1995, and both young men were computer science majors. Creative, impoverished, and determined, Page and Brin cobbled together a server with obsolete PC hardware and began to revamp a new version of Archie. Dubbed 'Backrub,' the nascent search engine that could analyze back links was refined several times before Page and Brin demonstrated the new search software to the co-founder of Sun Microsystems, Andy Bechtolsheim, in 1996. The students knew they were onto something when they re-named the search protocol Google as a nod to the number 1 followed by one hundred zeroes. Bechtolsheim was so impressed with the way Google performed, he cut a check for $100,000.00 on the spot. Shortly thereafter, Brin and Page brought Craig Silverstein aboard and incorporated Google in a Menlo Park garage on September 4, 1996. Today, the Google search engine serves billions of global users in 88 languages. If your web pages have been improved by a great Los Angeles search engine optimization company, global and local users can use Google to find the sort of product, service, or information that you provide.

How can I choose the best keywords?

A major portion of your Los Angeles search engine optimization strategy involves key words and phrases that an Internet user is likely to type into Google when they want to avail themselves of your kind of product, service, or information. These words and phrases may not be grammatically correct, but may contain a mishmash of words typed on the fly. Think like a consumer, and your keyword lists will reflect the things a consumer might type. For instance, say you sell roller skates for giraffes. Key words and phrases such as 'giraffe roller skates,' 'skates giraffe' and 'size 100 rolling skates' might all work to boost your visibility by persons looking for your unusual product.

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